Stockholm Cathedral Choir: Now the Green Blade Riseth

斯德哥爾摩合唱團:麥田之歌 (CD)【Proprius】

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發燒友口耳相傳必收之作,音響超級示範碟 《音響論壇》、《發燒聖經》推薦

瑞典錄音鬼才Bertil Alving 經典之作,專輯收錄24首聖歌,







01. There's a Wideness in God's Mercy

02. When He Comes

03. There Is a Road to Heaven

04. Thou Whom Shepherds Worshipped

05. Love Is Come Again

06. When we Share the Bread that He Gives us

07. God and Man at Table are Sat Down

08. The Love of God is Broad like Beach and Meadow

09. Said Judas to Mary

10. God, when You Breathe

11. Your Name, o, Jesus, is a Comfort

12. Sorrow and Joy Go Hand in Hand

13. I Konw of a Dark and Gloomy Garden

14. Walk Carefully, o, Christian

15. O, Jesus Mine, what Wrong Have You Done

16. Just One Day, One Moment at a Time

17. My Soul, You Must Now Forget

18. O Christ, who art the Light and Day

19. Hope Gives Rest to my Redeemed Soul

20. Spread Your Wings Over Me

21. Many are the Lightbeams

22. How Great Thou Art

23. In faith 'neath the Sky

24. Your Arms are Full of Flowers